Best Window Tinting in Duluth
Auto Window Tinting
Customize your ride with window tint so it’s as cool as you.
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Residential Window Tinting
Take control of the sun with residential window tinting.
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Commercial Window Tinting
Getting temperature fluctuations under control can get you annual energy savings of up to 15%
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Dash Cams
An Extra Eye on the Road
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Guaranteed to perform down the road: When professionally installed by Tint Master expert technicians, our Premium Window Films are guaranteed to stand up to the test of time. We guarantee* that our advanced technology will keep your auto window tint from changing color, bubbling, and cracking as long as you own your vehicle. So be confident your car, SUV, or truck will always look great inside and out.

* Certain restrictions may apply, see dealer for LLumar warranty details.


Efficient Long Lasting Protection: Our residential LLumar brands window film are virtually invisible and rejects up to 79 percent of solar energy – and lets you smartly keep the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer, helping to reduce your energy use. Plus, with our window films, your home will stay more comfortable all year long, with heating and air conditioning more evenly distributed through every room. You can also say goodbye to squinting and eye discomfort, since our LLumar brand window films reduce sun glare that can hinder computer and television visibility issues.


Now there’s an even better way to keep cool and lower your energy costs: When energy is wasted, everyone pays. Your clients, your tenants, and our environment can all suffer the effects of solar heat gain, glare, and rising cooling and heating costs. You’ll be doing good business if you choose our LLumar brands window film. On average, our window films reduces energy use ad saves 5-15% on a building’s energy costs.


A dashboard camera (Dash Cam) is a specialized on-board surveillance camera that is designed to monitor and record driving incidents. Mounted to the windshield, the camera turns on automatically upon starting the ignition, and actively records video files with an auto-looping mechanism. It has real-time impact detection which allows the camera to store Incident Footage in secure location, whereupon sensing an impact. The Video Files can be used as supplementary evidence for insurance purposes, which can protect the driver against insurance frauds or hit-and-runs.


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